Microsoft Teams is THE Collaboration Tool

One of the main reasons we recommend using Microsoft Teams is that that Teams is most likely included in your Microsoft licensing. This means you don’t have to spend any extra money to obtain a very powerful communication tool. Gone are the days where you have to pay extra to host virtual meetings and conferences. You also get the full version of teams so you don’t have to worry about calls cutting off after 45 minutes. You can also login using your business email making the platform single sign-on.

Another reason we recommend Teams is that the program ties in beautifully with SharePoint and file storage. SharePoint allows you to securely manage your files with the ability to control access to your documents on a granular level. Want to give access to a root folder but not a sub folder? In SharePoint and teams you can! Want to copy a link to a document and send it to your entire team within 3 clicks or less, you can! Having access to your files and communications in one convenient location is a hug plus of using teams.

Microsoft has also put in a lot of resources to close the gap between any functionality differences between Zoom and Teams. A recent update to teams allows you to now see 9 videos on your screen at once. This is also called Brady Bunching. Plans are also in the works to allow 49 videos to display on your screen similar to Zoom.  The total maximum attendees has also increased in teams to make sure that no matter how large your meeting is the platform can handle it with ease. Use breakout rooms? Microsoft Teams now has them as well!

Both platforms allow users to access your meetings regardless of if they have a Zoom or Teams license as well. Add in the ability to share documents externally and having your outlook calendar display within teams so you know you are available at the time you create the meeting really puts Microsoft Teams in the lead. If your organization loves using Zoom, Microsoft Teams also allows you to add the Zoom as an app directly within teams so you get the best of both worlds in terms of file storage, collaboration, and virtual meetings.

Looking for help on using Microsoft Teams to its fullest potential? We can help implement Teams and train your staff on all the wonderful features you didn't even know you have available!

Microsoft Teams Features

  • Virtual Conference
  • Internal and External Guest Access
  • File Storage in the cloud
  • Secure Message and File Sharing
  • 3rd party app add-ins
  • Live events with thousands of attendees

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