Is My Business Secured?

Protect your business data with Netlogic Computer's network security solutions. We specialize in the planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete data and network security solutions. Security is certainly not something you can set and forget. It's also not a series of point solutions strung together. At Netlogic Computer, we believe in a proactive approach to your business safety that results in a well-designed security infrastructure.

Security threats have reached unprecedented levels. Fully protect everything you've built with a holistic strategy instead of at individual points of potential exposure.


Are My Emails & Files Secured?

Protect your emails and company files with encryption and advanced threat protection policies. For example, Microsoft 365 has built in email encryption to exceed compliance standards including HIPAA.


  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Staff Training
  • Retention Labels
  • Information Rights Management
  • Conditional Access

Are My Devices Secured?

Protect all of your endpoints including desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. Anti-virus and firewalls can protect all of the devises in your organization from attacks. Ensure your cloud environments are also protected to help eliminate breaches and ensure 360 coverage of your network.


  • Anti-Virus
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Multi-factor authentication and password protection
  • Configuration and Compliance Policies
  • NIST & HIPAA Compliance
  • Automated security

Secure Your Business

With our knowledgeable engineers and key partners, we provide an unrivaled and most complete security solution in the industry.

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We Deliver Excellent IT Service

Our value proposition is simple.

We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.

What Our Clients Say

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Our Nonprofit has been working with Netlogic Computer Consulting now for a year. We made the switch about two months after the pandemic hit and when we were in the midst of scrabbling to get our organization working well in a remote environment. Immediately upon hire we felt a sense of trust and ease that we hadn't felt with our old provider.

Netlogic is very a proactive company that helps us think a few steps ahead rather than simply responding to issues as they arise. They're expertise in Microsoft 365 has been very valuable to us as we were new to the platform and had to get everyone comfortable while working remote.

As a non profit cost is always important to us and Netlogic has continually helped us find lower costs due to our non profit status and has been helpful in thinking about different resources available to us for less.

But most importantly, the thing we value most is the customer service. We feel that we have a partner in our technology consulting for the first time. When getting up and running we were given a consultant who worked with us very closely and was very invested in our success. If we submit a ticket for an issue we hear back very quickly. These simple things have made a world of difference in our work and ability to be successful as an organization.

Megan Bransfield

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The support has been fantastic for the non-profit I work with. They know the technical resources that are available and understand the many needs of schools and other non-profit organizations. They are easy to work with and help make the technology challenges and changes that are needed doable!

Donna Sroka

As a partner to my MSP, Netlogic My365 is an absolute great partner. The staff at My365 is absolutely amazing and are always there to support my needs.

Mike Bloomfield

Honestly, this company is amazing! I have called them so much and they have been so nice and professional each time. They are extremely helpful and get the job done! Ryan is so great! Happy to work with this company!

Jonni Parsons

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

You are a small to medium MSP and your customer just started asking you about what it takes to go to the cloud.

Great. One more thing you need to learn. (and when are you going to find time for that????)

You lie awake at night because you know that going 'to the cloud' is full of security risks and other considerations. You don't want to do it wrong in case there is a breach and you get fingered as the bad guy for not setting it up right.

If that's you, you need to talk to Netlogic. They have plans and templates for setting up your customer's Microsoft 365 Tenant. They can cover security, integration, MDM and even help you demo it for your customer. If you don't have time, they can do it for you. If you want to learn, they will walk you through the steps on how to get it done.

They are friendly, easy to work with and have a great model for engaging their services to support their end customer.

Roger G.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Really great customer service and responsive. It is great to have a human to talk to nowadays.

Muhammad Faisal