Non-Profits and Microsoft 365

Netlogic Computer Consulting is uniquely positioned to scale nonprofit
cloud adoption—and help nonprofit organizations make a real social impact.

Because Microsoft Office 365 lives in the cloud, tools like SharePoint
Online and OneDrive for Business are available anywhere, anytime—
and are always up to date.

This can help nonprofits:
• Engage donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries
• Empower employees
• Optimize operations
• Innovate for impact

In short: Microsoft Office 365 offers nonprofits a single, scalable cloud
platform that empowers them to spend less time worrying about IT
infrastructure and more time focusing on their mission.

Netlogic Computer Consulting currently works with many non-profits of various sizes, ensuring that they utilize all the Microsoft 365 tools available to them while making implementation affordable.

Accelerate your digital transformation

  • Cloud-based applications are here to stay.
  • Security and compliance comes standard.
  • Move at your own pace.
  • Single Sign on for all your apps
  • Collaborate and work from any device, anywhere, anytime

Netlogic Is The IT Services Team For Your Non-Profit

With our knowledgeable engineers and key partners, you can take advantage of FREE Microsoft licensing and reduced Cloud costs.

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